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Bards are the singers of the realm of Hibernia. They use instruments to perform most of their repertoire. Their songs provide nurture and protection during and after battle. In addition, Bards are capable of increasing run speeds for their groups, which proves useful when attempting to outrun the enemy on the battlefield, or for traveling from place to place.

In addition to songs, Bards can also heal and cast spells to enhance themselves and groupmates. They have the ability to stop people dead in their tracks with crowd control spells. Bards can specialize to gain additional healing abilities, area of effect crowd control abilities and offensive abilities (weapons and shout).


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Thegarfiiield R5LX
Thegarfiield RR5L1 battle bard of Bossiney
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Thegarfiield R5L5
battlebard R5L5 at Ywain
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