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Followers of the Path of Harmony, Blademasters are the light, fast fighters of Hibernia. They have sacrificed heavier armors for the ability to wield two weapons at once. Despite the name, they are able to master more than just swords, and their dual-wielding strength lies in their training in Celtic Dual. While their true strength lies in charging the enemy and taking their foes down quickly, Blademasters can also function as guardians of their realm mates, with the ability to train in Shields, and the skills of Intercept, Guard and Protect.

What they lack in heavy armor, Blademasters make up for with their quickness. They can evade attacks from all sides with relative ease. While they are not magical in nature, the Blademaster has the ability to summon a magical third sword to assist them in difficult battles.


Media type
Walabila RR3LX - RR4L0 Blademaster on Ywain
Media type
Solo blademaster
Xmer a guildies movie (char not in guild)
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