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The Vampiir class is a fighter who wields a one-handed piercing weapon in its right hand. While in melee combat, it is able to cast Vampiir magic with the left hand. The class does not have a normal power pool, however. It will gain power from a variety of attacks - primarily melee strikes. The class receives Safefall and Climb Walls, as well as a passive form of health regeneration. Vampiiric magic comes in three categories or spell lines: "Self Enhancement" spells such as parry, evade, run speed, magic and melee absorption bonuses; "Offensive Damage" spells such as Flame Strikes and a special ability to turn the left hand into a claw for further melee attacks; and "Utility" spells such as a single target mez, snare, Lull Enemies, and effectiveness debuffs.


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Vampiricblood RR8L2 Vampiir
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