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The Savage is a studded-armor wearing fighter who disdains normal weapons in favor of hand-to-hand combat. Savages aren't interested in mastering the art of complicated weapons - instead they affix simple sharp or bladed weapons to their hands and swing away.

Savages follow the Valkyn god of war, Kelgor, who represents bloodlust and the battlefield. Kelgor has been adopted by the Norse gods, especially Modi and Odin, as a brother-in-arms so long as the Valkyn continue assisting the Norse in their fight against the Morvaltar.

The Savage receives a weapon skill called "Hand to Hand". In general, the Savage's hand to hand weapons attach to his hands and can deal out slashing or thrusting damage. H2H is a dual-weapon skill, in that it allows the Savage to wield two weapons at the same time. However, it is set up differently from the dual wield/left axe skills that are currently in the game. H2H will always attack with the right hand by default. When the skill "fires", then the Savage will hit with both hands in that round. Please note that at higher levels, Savages have the chance of hitting more than twice per round.

In addition to a number of different weapon types, the Savage can learn special H2H combat styles as he specs up in the H2H spec - some of these combat styles allow the Savage to attack more than one enemy in the same round. The Savage also can specialize in a set of combat abilities called "Savagery", which allow the Savage to modify his combat chances, such as chance to evade, parry, buff attack speed or DPS, and also convert hit points to endurance. Most Savagery abilities take a percentage of your base hitpoints when they wear off or are refreshed.








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