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This database contain information I have found at the internet. The sources are not reliable. This database is only made for fun

But you are welcome to take contact with me if you have any corrections, but please do not take this serious

Perhabs you might enjoy your reading anyway.

Watch the border changes in Europe through 1000 years.

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Timelines and histoy

Russians history changed the world. And world history should be told by historians so I leave that to them. But here I have made a small timeline for the revolution for your plessure.

The excactly history about the zar family and the event about the revolotion - those things you have to google. (accept pop-ups from this page before you open)

Russia before and after the revolution and The time around the revolution

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Genealogy history
Total surnames489
Average age at death52Males: 51   Females: 52
Family with the most children13Richard IV Plantagenet + Cecilia Neville
Marriage 1429  York
Average number of children per family1.69 
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