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Total individuals: 7,058
Total males Total females Total unknown Total living Total dead
3,560 (50.4%) 3,439 (48.7%) 59 (0.8%) 25 (0.4%) 7,033 (99.6%)

Individuals, by gender

Individuals, by living / deceased status

Total births Total deaths
7,058 (7,058 with a birth date and 0 without) 7,033 (6,104 with a death date and 929 without)

Number of births in each century

Number of deaths in each century

Earliest birth Earliest death
Magdalene Christendatter
Birth about 1565  Ejsing
Death about 1625 (Age 60)  Øster Assels
Børge Pedersen
Birth about 1580  Fredensborg
Death about 1620 (Age 40)  Fredensborg
Latest birth Latest death
This information is private and cannot be shown. Tove Anna Margrethe Nielsen
Birth 20 November 1927 50 44  Hørsholm
Death 6 November 2014 (Age 86)  Kalundborg

Average age at death Males Females
51 years 50 years 51 years

Average age at death date, by century

Greatest age at death
Males Females

Total surnames Total given names
586 1,122
Top surnames Top given names

Top surnames

Top given names